Insurance Claims

Quotes: 1-877-263-3306

Initiating the Insurance Claim:

  1. Contact Tallent Roofing to schedule a free onsite inspection to determine if damage was incurred.
  2. Call your insurance agent to start the claim process.
  3. Your insurance company adjuster will call to set up a meeting at your property.
  4. Call your Tallent Roofing Representative so he/she can meet you and the adjuster to inspect the property together.
  5. The claims adjuster will provide you with an itemized explanation of your claim settlement, including your deductible amount and the depreciation.

Most homeowner policies grant coverage for full replacement cost, provided the repairs are actually completed. In these cases, the depreciation is deemed recoverable and the final payment is made after your receipts and invoices have been submitted and processed.

If you have a mortgage company:

The checks from your insurance company may be payable to you and your mortgage company. Call your mortgage company to confirm their procedure for processing the check and repairing your property.

Repairing your property:

  1. During the construction process, additional damage may be discovered. We will provide supplemental requests and other necessary information to the insurance company.
  2. Upon completion of repairs and your satisfaction of repairs is documented, Tallent Roofing will submit a final invoice to the insurance company and they will release the final payment.

Some insurance companies may send the final payment directly to the contractor

  1. If you receive the funds, please notify your Tallent Roofing Representative that your final payment is ready to be picked up. Otherwise, if we receive them, we will notify you by phone or email.
  2. Tallent Roofing will send you a paid in full invoice and warranties.



  • If emergency repairs had to be made, be sure to keep copies of the invoices/receipts so that the insurance company can reimburse you without any hassle.