Underlayment Sol R Skin

Sol-R-Skin is the patent pending combination of roof underlayment and reflective foil insulation which form a radiant barrier with the highest R Value available on the market today.

SOL-R-SKIN is the first underlayment that combines the qualities of an roofing underlayment with thermal and fire characteristics of thermal insulation. Our patent pending technology uses only the finest quality materials to not only protect your homes roof from the elements, but also reduce your homes energy and and protect against potential fire risks.
SOL-R-SKIN consist of a layer of 99% scrimmed reinforced high polished aluminum bonded to a layer of fiberglass which in turn is bonded to a layer of synthetic underlayment created a product that is revolutionizing the roofing market and helps roofers meet new energy and fire codes.
SOL-R-SKIN can be used under a wide variety of roofing applications from composite shingles, stone coated steel, clay tiles, and metal roofing.